Our Next Meet’n Eat at DOCK 633!!!

Clear your calendar for Thursday, August 18, 2022

Dateline: 8-4-22 Greetings Cruisers! We now have six local restaurants we visit for our monthly “Meet’n Eat” luncheon events. We’ve had six luncheons and it’s time to circle-back to DOCK’s 633, on Lake June Road, in Lake Placid.

The time will be 2 pm to 4 pm. At our last Meet’n Eat luncheon at Dock’s we were outside on their lovely screened-in porch. If it’s not too warm, we’ll be there again, otherwise, we’ll be inside.

If you can join us, bring your appetite and your machine! We’d like to decorate the front of Dock’s with cool cruiser cars! See you there! – Scott, Pete, & Ron

PS – BIG post covering our VERY successful Caladium Festival Car & Bike Show coming up soon! According to the Highlands News-Sun, we had 280 cars (yea, the place was PACKED) and the 50/50 payout was $1,000!!!


Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat, March 24, 2022 at Mr. Sammy’s

Dateline: 3-21-22 – Greeting Cruisers! We have two things to share with you; first a reminder and second an announcement.

This Thursday, March 24 we will be having our second Meet’n Eat, this time at Mr. Sammy’s N.Y. Style Pizza Bistro and Italian Cuisine in downtown from 2 pm to 4 pm. If you are planning on joining us for some good food and drink (Sammy served beer!), please RSVP so we have an idea how many will attend.

You can RSVP by sending me an e-mail at: lightoak@comcast.net .

Our announcement to all of you is that Pete Richie has secured another local restaurant sponsor for our car shows! Beef O’Brady’s on Rt. 27 in Lake Placid is on board with a $50 Gift Certificate for our Lake Country Cruisers Car Shows! Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat, March 24, 2022 at Mr. Sammy’s”

Lake Country Cruisers “Meet’n Eat” at Mr. Sammy’s, March 24, 2-4 pm, BE THERE!

Dateline: 3-5-22 – Greetings Fellow Cruisers! We had such a great time last month at Dock 633, we decided to get together again for another monthly, “Meet’n Eat” event. This month we will be getting together at Mr. Sammy’s N.Y. Style Pizza “A Bistro and Italian Cuisine”.

This is a Guys & Gals event, so fellows, bring your Lady!

If you have never been to Mr. Sammy’s, his pizza and classic Italian sandwiches and dinners are delicious! And, you can wash it down with a beer or two!

We will have the side room from 2 pm to 4 pm. All we ask is that you Tip accordingly.

Our Meet’n Eat Event for April will be at the GC Grill & Steakhouse private room, on Rt. 27, in Lake Placid, Florida. The time will be 2 pm to 4 pm and the date is TO BE ANNOUNCED. Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers “Meet’n Eat” at Mr. Sammy’s, March 24, 2-4 pm, BE THERE!”

Lake Country Cruisers’ First “Meet’n Eat” Luncheon!

Lake Country Cruisers had a great time at Dock 933!

Dateline: 2-16-22 – We are happy to announce that Lake Country Cruisers’ first “Meet’n Eat” luncheon at Dock 633 was a happy, successful event. We had 14 cars and 20 guests for lunch. After nearly a week of chilly, overcast weather, it was a delight to have warm sunshine.

We want to extend a BIG THANKS to Bill and Hillary (owners of Dock 633) and their staff, for hosting our event, as well as Dock 633’s very generous $50 Gift Certificates gifted to Lake Country Cruisers for our Car Show Door Prizes. Dock 633 also gifted the Cruisers two free drinks of their choice for the Meet’n Eat! Thank you!  Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers’ First “Meet’n Eat” Luncheon!”

Lake Country Cruisers Feb 10 “Meet’n Eat” Update

All Systems GO For Our First Meet’n Eat Event!

Dateline: 2.7.22 – Hey Cruisers, just a quick update about our first Meet’n Eat Event, this Thursday, February 10 at DOCK 622 from 2 pm to 4 pm, is a GO! As of this morning, we have 10 members signed up.

The weather forecast for this Thursday in Lake Placid is “Mostly Sunny, with a high temp of 71-degrees”, so bring a light jacket.

If you are going to be there, first, let us know (send an e-mail to… lightoak@comcast.net), and second, bring your machine!

And when you park, DOCK 633 would like us to park out front, and back into your parking spot so we can get a group shot of all the cars in front of DOCK 633! We’d like to feature the photo on the Lake Country Cruisers Facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/lakecountrycruiserscarshows/

After the event, we will be announcing the date and place of our March Meet’n Eat.


All of our Meet’n Eat gatherings will be with local Lake Placid restaurants that are supporting Lake Country Cruisers Car Shows with generous gift certificate Door Prizes. DOCK 633 has contributed $50 Gift Certificates! NICE! This is our way of saying, “Thanks!”

Hope to see you This Thursday! – Scott, Pete, & Ron

PS – For those of you that might not know where DOCK 633 is located and want to use GPS, the address is; 633 Lake June Road, Lake Placid, FL, 33852-5671.

To stoke your appetite, check out DOCK’s Menu pages…  Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, and Page 5.

Dateline: 2.4.2022 – Greetings Cruisers!

If you have been coming to our Lake Country Cruisers shows at the Lake Placid American Legion, you know that when you sign in, we are asking for your e-mail address. I recently culled through the last few months of our logbook and added a lot of addresses to our website e-mail address.

The week before last we announced our Lake Country Cruisers “Meet’n Eat” at Dock 633 in Lake Placid. Since many of you are new to the mailing list, we thought we’d best let you know about our first social event coming up on February 10, from 2 pm to 4 pm at Dock 633, located at 633 Lake June Road.

Dock’s has reserved the screened-in back porch for us and the porch holds 30 people. If you’d like to attend, send your RSVP to Scott at: lightoak@comcast.net .

You can check out their menu HERE.

Hope to see you there! – Scott, Pete, & Ron

PS – This is a couples get-together!