The SVRA Sebring SpeedTour is Coming to Town!

Clear your calendar for February 23-26, 2023!

Greetings Cruisers! The winter months here in south-central Florida are the best time of year. That’s why we have so many snowbirds fly south to escape the cold nasty stuff up north. It’s also a great time for racing and car shows!

The SVRA SpeedTour will be coming to Sebring International Raceway on February 23-26, 2023. Tickets are $50, and available ONLY by phone. Call Toni Strollo at 863-698-8620 to buy your tickets. The ticket price is $50 for ONE car and TWO people.

ATTENTION CRUISERS!!! You can get $20 off the price of your ticket by mentioning Lake Country Cruisers when you call Toni Strollo.

The discount offer is good till the end of December, ONLY.

SVRA events are awesome for two big reasons. Continue reading “The SVRA Sebring SpeedTour is Coming to Town!”

Calling All Cruisers for the Lake Placid Christmas Parade!

You’re ALL invited to be in the Lake Placid 2022 Annual Christmas Parade

Greeting Cruisers! The annual Lake Placid Christmas Parade is Saturday evening 7:00 pm, December 10, 2022. Yes, the same day that we will be having our Car & Bike Show at the Lake Placid Historical Society Train Depot.

It’s going to be a big day for Lake Placid. The U.S. Sugar Express is scheduled to pull into the depot at 12 noon, right in the middle of our Car & Bike Show, and while the Farmer’s Market will be taking place at the Journal Plaza.

For the Car & Bike Show, we will also have two very special Feature Cars for the Car & Bike Show, to be announced!

Last year we had a handful of cars and trucks at the Christmas Parade and we were invited back this year. The Lake Placid Christmas Parade is as Small Town Americana as it gets! If you have never been “in” a parade, it’s a hoot! Kids cheer, you’ll get lots of “Thumbs Up’s”, and probably be asked to “Light’m up!”. (no burnouts, please, but you already knew that) Continue reading “Calling All Cruisers for the Lake Placid Christmas Parade!”

R.I.P. Lake Country Cruiser, Larry Dudgeon…

Our Cruisers friend Larry Dudgeon has gone on ahead for his Eternal Cruise…

Greeting Cruisers! Note: Before I get into Larry Dudgeon’s passing, a quick mention about our posts. The “date” you see published just below the subtitle of each post does not correspond with any of our events. It is just the date I posted the article. – Scott

Last week, John Meyerhoff from Highlands County Corvettes e-mail me to let me know that on November 17, 2022, Larry Dudgeon passed on. Larry was 88 years old.

Larry was Lake Country Cruisers February 2022 Cruiser of the Month.

Last February I had a chance to talk at length with Larry. Here’s what I learned.

Larry resided in Spring Lake, close to the Sebring, Florida airport, but was from Blufton, Ohio. Larry spent six years in the United States Military and served fifteen months in Korea. While in the military, Larry worked in ordnance repair and was an electrical and fuel technician. Larry was first introduced to fuel injection and supercharging while working on military V-12 engines. Continue reading “R.I.P. Lake Country Cruiser, Larry Dudgeon…”

All Aboard! The U.S. Sugar Express Train No. 148 is Coming to Town!

Here’s the Story of the Restored U.S. Sugar Express Train!

Greetings Cruisers and Happy Thanksgiving!

Last Sunday we told you about our December 10 Car & Bike Show that will take place, only for December, at the Lake Placid Historical Society Depot, located at 12 Park, Avenue in downtown Lake Placid, Florida.

Our Special Guest Star for the show isn’t an automobile, but it does have wheels (14 of them) and can move people and big things from here to there. U.S. Sugar Express Train No. 148 is a local historical artifact. Instead of the 102-year-old “static” display piece, this slice of history still works and sells rides!

Here’s some interesting info about the U.S. Sugar Express Train No. 148 from the Wikipedia page for the locomotive…

No. 148 was the eighth member of ten 4-6-2 Light Pacific class 141 steam locomotives built by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) of Richmond, Virginia in April 1920 for the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC).

It was assigned to haul passenger and freight trains on the FEC’s Overseas Railroad between Miami and Key West, Florida until 1935 when the Labor Day Hurricane destroyed many of the route’s long bridges and the FEC permanently closed it down due to the Great Depression.

During that time, the FEC began to retire most of their older 4-6-2 locomotives for scrap or selling them to other railroads in order to recoup their financial losses.[4][5] No. 148 remained in service with the FEC until June 1952, when it was sold to U.S. Sugar Corporation (USSC) in Clewiston, Florida, where it worked alongside its sister locomotives Nos. 98, 113, and 153 to haul sugarcane trains from the harvest field to USSC’s sugarcane mills.”

So, what that means is that our “Guest of Honor” is 102 years old! Continue reading “All Aboard! The U.S. Sugar Express Train No. 148 is Coming to Town!”

Got Car Clutter in Your Garage? We Can Help!

Lake Country Cruisers First-Ever Car Parts Swap Meet!

Greetings Cruisers and Happy Thanksgiving!

Our February 2023 Lake Country Cruisers Car & Bike Show will have an added feature… a Swap Meet! We all have car stuff stashed in our garages, so what better way of cleaning out the garage than a classic Swap Meet?

So, while we are having our regular Car & Bike Show, the Lake Placid American Legion has given permission for us to host a swap meet on the grassy area to the immediate south side of the Legion’s parking lot and in the grassy area behind the parking lot.

Space sizes for rent for the day will be a 10′ x 10” area for just $15 and a 10′ x 15′ area for $20 for the day.

To reserve a space at the Swap Meet, call Scott at… 863-699-6355, or e-mail him at… .

The time for the Car & Bike Show / Swap Meet will be from 9 am to 2 pm Continue reading “Got Car Clutter in Your Garage? We Can Help!”

Lake Country Cruisers Christmas Cruise-In

December 10, 2022, at the Lake Placid Historical Society & Depot Museum

Greetings Cruisers! This might seem a little early, but we want to get ahead of this special event!

Our next scheduled Lake Country Cruisers Car & Bike Show is on December 10, 2022. It just so happens that there’s A LOT going on that day in downtown Lake Placid!

To be part of the day’s festivities, the Lake Placid Historical Society & Depot Museum invited the Cruisers to have our December Car & Bike Show at the museum. Here’s what’s going on in downtown Lake Placid that day.

The fully restored U.S. “Santa” Sugar Express will be arriving at 12:00 Noon and departing for the south later in the day. If you have never seen a steam locomotive before, this will be a treat! These giant machines “breath” and sound like beasts “resting”.

Our December show will be in the Historical Society’s parking lot and side yard. And while you are at the show, the U.S. “Santa” Sugar Express will be coming into the Lake Placid Train Depot/Historical Society Museum!

The Toys For Tots folks will be there, so bring a toy if you like. Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers Christmas Cruise-In”

Tiz the Season For Toys For Tots!

Bring a toy to this Saturday’s Veterans Day Lake Country Cruisers Car & Bike Show

Greetings Cruisers! I just learned that our Lake Placid American Legion, Post 25 will have a Toys For Tots donation box that will be located by the Legion’s Mess Hall kitchen counter where you order your lunch.

Toys For Tots is in its 75th year and is a U.S. Marine Corps charity. According to their website, to date Toys For Tots has distributed 627,000,000 toys since 1947! For more information about their program, CLICK HERE.

And for some background history about Toys For Tots, CLICK HERE.

For our Veterans Day Car & Bike Show this Saturday, every Veteran that enters a car or bike will get a ticket for a FREE LUNCH at the Legion’s Mess Hall kitchen. It’s our way of saluting our great Vets and thanking them for their service.

And to add to our Veterans Day theme, Bob Neely from the Military Vehicle Preservation Association will be with us and his fully-restored 1942 Ford-built Willys Combat Jeep will be our Feature Car of the Month!

Here’s an interesting article about how the Willys Jeep became an American World War II icon! CLICK HERE.

Showtime this Saturday is 10 am to 2 pm. Norm, the Kettle Man, and Divine Ice Cream Dave will be on hand dishing up sweet treats! Continue reading “Tiz the Season For Toys For Tots!”

We’re Invited to Fabulous Restorations Hot Rod Shop!

ROAD TRIP!!! Come visit a genuine “palace” of a hot rod shop!

Dateline: 10-17-22 – Greetings Cruisers! My friend George Haddad, owner of Fabulous Restorations “Hot Rod Shop” has invited Lake Country Cruisers for the full tour of his amazing hot rod shop, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Sunday, November 6, from 11 am to 1 pm.

George is a Detroit native and as a teenager growing up in Detroit, George was part of the Woodward Avenue Cruise’n and Stop-Light Grand Prix street scene. When George entered the job market he went to work for Chrysler while taking business courses in college.

By the early ’70s, George started taking long weekends and vacationing in Fort Lauderdale to escape the brutal Detroit winters. It didn’t take long for George to escape Michigan and take up residence in warm, sunny Fort Lauderdale.

Soon after arriving in Fort Lauderdale for good, George opened his first shop offering custom painting services for South Florida’s vibrant car culture. There was no going back to Detroit from there. His business kept growing and today George is in his largest shop that offers full-service hot rod, restoration, race car refreshes, engine-building, and painting services.

His latest shop is a hot rodder’s palace! No kidding! The foyer and entranceway are miniature memorabilia museums, filled with floor-to-ceiling posters, model cars, books, magazines, and just neat car stuff.

The shop is as neat as a pin and decorated with posters and art. Designated work areas include a paint booth, engine build room, storage areas for parts and supplies, and lots of lifts with all kinds of cars in various stages of work.

You could say that George has “gasoline in his veins!” Building hot street machines is George’s thing and he’s been at it for over forty-five years! Continue reading “We’re Invited to Fabulous Restorations Hot Rod Shop!”

Cruisers Donates $200 to DeSoto County Veterans Service Office Relief Fund


Dateline: 10.14.22 – Greetings Cruisers! If you were at our Car & Bike Show last Saturday you saw that we had some company in the parking lot. American Legion Department of Florida, Department Disaster Preparedness Chair, Bill Hoppner, and Convoy Advance Unit leader, Bob Neely with The Military Vehicle Preservation Association 2021 Yellowstone Trail Section Convoy were there. A full team of volunteers was on hand to offload supply trucks and place supplies into pickups with trailers for the Gulf Coast relief effort. Continue reading “Cruisers Donates $200 to DeSoto County Veterans Service Office Relief Fund”

Lake Country Cruisers October Car & Bike Show

The official start of the 2022/2023 Season (Slide Show Below!)

Dateline: 10.10.22 – Greetings Cruisers! Our October Car & Bike Show was a blast! With post-Ian cooler and dry weather hanging on, it was a great day for a car show.

Before I get into specifics, we shared the American Legion parking lot with some fine citizens. American Legion Department of Florida, Department Disaster Preparedness Chair, Bill Hoppner, and Convoy Advance Unit leader, Bob Neely with The Military Vehicle Preservation Association 2021 Yellowstone Trail Section Convoy were on hand.

The Legion and the MVPA used a portion of the Legion parking lot as a staging area for the relief effort for Fort Meyers, Punta Gorda, Arcadia, and other areas of western Florida that were savaged by Hurricane Ian. Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers October Car & Bike Show”

Next Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat at GC Grillhouse!

Lunch at the GC Grillhouse??? You get’n hungry, or WHAT?

Dateline: 10-5-22 – Calling all hungry Cruisers! The date is set for another “Tie on the ‘ol feedbag” event.

The GC Grillhouse on Rt. 27 in Lake Placid is having Lake Country Cruisers back again for another scrumptious Lunch Special! The date is Thursday, October 20, 2022, from 2 to 4 pm. Once again, we will have the private back room so that we can whop it up and be as noisy as we want to be! Continue reading “Next Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat at GC Grillhouse!”

Upcoming Schedule of Events from October 2022 into January 2023

Lots of NEW STUFF to share!

Dateline: 9.25.22 – Greetings Cruisers! A lot has come together and we wanted to bring you up to speed.

We typically have a Car & Bike Show and a Meet’n Eat Cruisers Luncheon every month, but there are a few new developments.

Destination Event to Fabulous Restorations

First, Lake Country Cruisers have been invited to George Haddad’s “Fabulous Restorations” hot rod shop, in Fort Lauderdale, on Sunday, November 6, 2022. George’s hot rod shop is a car guy’s palace! Fabulous Restorations has been in business for over 40 years and is a full-service shop; Restorations, Engine Building, Paint, Fabrication, Full Restomod builds, and more. Continue reading “Upcoming Schedule of Events from October 2022 into January 2023”

Cruisers Gather at Mr. Sammy’s For Our September Meet’n Eat!

Great Food! Good Company! Good Time!

Dateline: 9.24.22 – Greetings, Cruisers! We did it again. We racked up another happy Meet’n Eat Event, this time at Mr. Sammy’s (on the roundabout) in downtown Lake Placid, Florida. Mr. Sammy has been very generous in his support for Lake Country Cruisers with a 50/50 Gift Certificate that we gave away as a runner-up prize at our Labor Day Cruisers Show on September 3, 2022. That’s a nice’a, nice “Dinner For Two”!

Former President, Donald Trump and Florida’s GREAT Governor, Ron DeSantis happened to be in town and stopped by for a slice of Sammy’s pizza! (JUST KIDDING!)

Seven Cruisers tied on the Italian Feed Bag. We had Chicken Parmesan, Cauliflower Pizza, Stromboli (Jack Murphy’s first!), and Pepperoni Pizza. Everything was more than delicious!

In attendance were; Mary Carol Plott, John Meyerhoff, Scott & Karen Teeters, Jack Murphy, Ron Ellerman, and Pete Richie.

A BIG Congrats to our Pete Richie for being inducted into the Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame for his leadership in running the biggest Caladium Festival Car & Bike Show last July. Continue reading “Cruisers Gather at Mr. Sammy’s For Our September Meet’n Eat!”

Lake Country Cruisers Pizza Party at Mr. Sammy’s!

Next Cruisers Meet’n Eat at Mr. Sammy’s, September 22, 2022, 2 PM to 4 PM

Dateline: 9.15.22 – Greetings Cruisers! You smell that? Yea! Pizza!

Yes, we’re going to tie on the Old Feed Bag at Mr. Sammy’s again, next week, September 22, 2022, from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Actually, Mr. Sammy has all kinds of Italian food; pasta dishes including Chicken, Veal, and Eggplant Parm, Salads, Strombolis, Calzones, cold subs, and hot subs that you can choose from.

And it’s ALL GOOD!

And, you can wash it all down with a beer, if you want! Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers Pizza Party at Mr. Sammy’s!”

Lake Country Cruisers Labor Day 2022 Car & Bike Show – SLIDE SHOW

A VERY good time was had by all!

Dateline: 9.8.22 Check out the Slide Show at the bottom – Last month Pete, Ron, and I decided to break tradition with our Car & Bike Show schedule and have a Labor Day show. Why? Because we just love doing them! (so does the American Legion!) And why not have some car show fun?

Considering that it was a holiday weekend and it was hot, not “warm”, it was HOT; we were happy with our turnout. We had 45 Cruisers come out for our Car Party. Yes, we were “Sweating To The Oldies”!

Click the above panoramic photo to see the BIG version!

Our Cruiser of the Month was Angel & Trish Mason. They brought one of their rides, a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback. I can’t remember the last time I saw a ’66 Barracuda with that BIG glass fastback rear window. So cool!

Our lucky 50/50 Winner was Dan Ryan and he went home with $135! Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers Labor Day 2022 Car & Bike Show – SLIDE SHOW”