Calling All Cruisers for the Lake Placid Christmas Parade!

You’re ALL invited to be in the Lake Placid 2022 Annual Christmas Parade

Greeting Cruisers! The annual Lake Placid Christmas Parade is Saturday evening 7:00 pm, December 10, 2022. Yes, the same day that we will be having our Car & Bike Show at the Lake Placid Historical Society Train Depot.

It’s going to be a big day for Lake Placid. The U.S. Sugar Express is scheduled to pull into the depot at 12 noon, right in the middle of our Car & Bike Show, and while the Farmer’s Market will be taking place at the Journal Plaza.

For the Car & Bike Show, we will also have two very special Feature Cars for the Car & Bike Show, to be announced!

Last year we had a handful of cars and trucks at the Christmas Parade and we were invited back this year. The Lake Placid Christmas Parade is as Small Town Americana as it gets! If you have never been “in” a parade, it’s a hoot! Kids cheer, you’ll get lots of “Thumbs Up’s”, and probably be asked to “Light’m up!”. (no burnouts, please, but you already knew that)

To be part of the Lake Country Cruisers collections of cars, trucks, and motorcycles, we will be gathering on the side street behind the Lake Placid Wawa on Rt. 27. The street doesn’t have a name, as it’s an access road for the shopping center. Behind the Wawa there’s a parking lot, we’ll be gathering on the street behind the parking lot.

The parade officially starts moving at 7:00 pm. It takes around 30 minutes for the parade participants that are staged on Dal Hall Blvd to start moving such that we can make the right turn onto Dal Hall Blvd.

As this is a Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce event, we’ve been asked to let them know approximately how many vehicles will be in the parade.

So, if you’d like to be part of the evening’s festivities, send an e-mail to Scott, ASAP at...

Let’s ALL show up! They’ll never forget us! – Scott, Pete, & Ron

PS – We invite everyone that wants to be in the parade to decorate their ride for Christmas. Battery-operated LED Christmas Lights are the easiest way to SNAZ up your machine!

PSS – Here’s the parade route.