Lake Country Cruisers February 2022 Car Show

Dateline: 2.18.22 – After weeks of mostly crummy weather, what a delight it was to have a classic Winter-in-Florida beautiful day. By around 1 pm it actually started to get to be low-80s warm, yea, just the way we like it!

Using our military-grade crowd-estimator, the data showed that Dick and Marilyn’s 1931 V12 Cadillac was by far, THE crowd favorite! They had more people around their car than anything else. This big beast of early 1930s Cadillac luxury is a visual feast!

I’d venture to say that most of the crowd hasn’t seen a car such as this in a long time, if ever. I know it wasn’t easy getting this old beauty to run, but Dick, you got it done. Hope to see your old Caddy again soon. Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers February 2022 Car Show”