Lake Country Cruisers January Show on YouTube!!! – VIDEO

Never been to a Lake Country Cruisers Car Show??? Here’s what you’ve been missing!

Dateline: 1-28-22 – At our last Lake Country Cruisers Car Show on January 8, 2022, we had a surprise guest. Sean Dever, Host & Producer of the YouTube channel, “Junkyards and Barn Finds with Sean” just happened to be driving along Rt. 27 on that beautiful afternoon when he saw our show at the American Legion.

Sean was surprised to see so many cars here in Lake Placid, “America’s Most Interesting Town” (according to Reader’s Digest Magazine!), where we might have more cows, gators, and other critters than we have people! I’m sure Sean thought to himself, “Where’d all these cool cars come from???”

Well, lucky for us, Sean never leaves home without his video recorder. He pulled into the show and got right to work. Sean’s video starts off with a shot of Jim Maze’s charming 1956 Chevy Cop Car, “Aunt Bee” (as in The Andy Griffith Show), and runs for almost 27 minutes.

Alan Greiger’s supercharged small-block, custom 1978 Monte Carlo is featured nicely.

If you have family and friends that don’t live in this area and have been hearing you talk about the Lake Country Cruisers Car Shows, but have never attended, send them this post!

Our next Lake Country Cruisers Car Show is February 12, 2022.

Also, on February 10 we will have our first Lake Country Cruisers “Meet’n Eat” event at Dock 633, on Lake June Road in Lake Placid. If you’d like to attend, email me with an RSVP at; . We will have seating for 30.

Enjoy the video and a BIG THANKS to Sean Dever at the YouTube Channel, “Junkyards and Barn Finds with Sean”. – Scott, Pete, & Ron