Next Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat at GC Grillhouse!

Lunch at the GC Grillhouse??? You get’n hungry, or WHAT?

Dateline: 10-5-22 – Calling all hungry Cruisers! The date is set for another “Tie on the ‘ol feedbag” event.

The GC Grillhouse on Rt. 27 in Lake Placid is having Lake Country Cruisers back again for another scrumptious Lunch Special! The date is Thursday, October 20, 2022, from 2 to 4 pm. Once again, we will have the private back room so that we can whop it up and be as noisy as we want to be! Continue reading “Next Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat at GC Grillhouse!”

Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat at GC Grill House

Great Steaks, Great Lunch Specials, & Great Service at the Lake Placid Florida GC Steak House!

Dateline: 4.16.22 – Well the Cruisers filled the back room Thursday afternoon, April 14, 2022. So a BIG THANKS to the Lake Placid GC Grill House Manager/Owner, Ray Tharp for supporting our car club with their generous Gift Certificates and availing their space for our Meet’n Eat luncheon.

As usual, when a gang of car folks get together there’s lots of talking, but after lunch was served, it got quiet for a time as everyone was enjoying their meal. Karen and I have been to GC Grill House many times and have always enjoyed the food provided.

Cruisers included: Jack Murphy; Jim Maze; Bob Berard; Melvin White and his wife; Dick & Marilyn Roddie; John Meyerhoff & Mary Carol Plott; Rick Rounsavall; Jim Schindlbeck; Ron Ellernam; and John & Debbie Donato. (if I mangled anyone’s name, please let me know) Continue reading “Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat at GC Grill House”

Our Next Meet’n Eat Event at GC Grill House, Bring Your Appetite!

Lunch at GC Grill House? You get’n hungry, OR WHAT???

Dateline: 3.30.22 – Greetings Cruisers! Our next Meet’n Eat Event will be at the new GC Grill House, on Rt. 27, in Lake Placid, Florida. The GC Grill has a private room that they will avail for us.

If you do not know, GC Grill House is the old Golden Corral Restaurant. The restaurant is now a sit-down deal with a very nice salad bar. We have been there many times since they opened last year and the food and service are excellent.


The GC Grill House in Lake Placid is the pilot restaurant for Golden Coral. You can check out their Facebook page HERE.

GC Grill’s management has generously donated a $25 Gift Certificate that we will use as a runner-up prize after our 50/50 drawing at our next car show. Continue reading “Our Next Meet’n Eat Event at GC Grill House, Bring Your Appetite!”