Lake Country Cruisers Meet’n Eat at Jaxson’s On the Lake!

Excellent Entries and Lunch Specials at one of Lake Placid’s Oldest Watering Holes!

Dateline 5.21.22 – The beautiful winter and early spring weather seems to be behind us now, as it was a hot day in Lake Placid for our May Meet’n Eat luncheon. The lakes were indeed “placid”, but it was in the low 90s. Needless to say, our gathering of Cruisers was happy to lunch INSIDE air-conditioned Jaxson’s On the Lake.

Typically, Jaxson’s packs them in during the dinner and evening hours, but the 2 pm-to-4 pm hours were quiet enough for good conversation and lots of laughs.

Big THANKS to JJ, the Jaxson’s owner for the generous $50 gift certificate that Mark Taboda won at last weekend’s Cruisers Car Show at the Lake Placid American Legion. JJ is a Corvette guy and when he has the time, he comes to the Highlands County Corvettes shows.

Our attending Cruisers included: Martin Striegel and his wife, Mark and Sharon Taboda, Jim and Linda Schindlbeck, Bob Mahel, Bob Barrard, Ron Ellerman, Jack Murphy, Jim Maze, and Pete Richie, and myself. Our waitress, Madison was terrific, and CONGRATS to her and her new baby!

Lake Country Cruisers also got some ink in the Highlands News-Sun May 18, 2022 edition. Cruisers Jim Schindlbeck, Bob Mahel, Pete Richie, Jack Murphy, Jim Maze, Mark Taboda, and I brought our Corvettes; Ron Ellerman brought his classic Toyota 4×4, and Bob Barrard brought his Ford Hot Rod Roadster. So, we decorated Jaxson’s parking lot with cool rides!

We will be making an announcement soon for the date and place for our June Meet’n Eat Luncheon. It could be at Beef O’Brady’s in Lake Placid, and we are working on a Meet’n Eat at Cow Poke’s Watering Hole. We will let you know.

The next Lake Country Cruisers Car Show will be June 19, 2022, Father’s Day, at the Lake Placid Presbyterian Church, next to The Genesis Center. Details to come.

That’s all for now. Y’all stay cool! – Scott, Pete, Ron, Christy, & George

PS – If I mangled anyone’s name, please let me know,