Breakfast With The Lake Country Cruisers at Morty & Edna’s, in Lake Placid

Dateline: 8.26.22 – Okay, Cruisers, I know this is short notice, but it came together kind’a quick.

Typically, on Monday mornings, some of the Cruisers get together for breakfast and coffee. We solve the world’s problems (oh, sure!), but mostly bench race and tell stories.

We have been meeting the last few months at different locations and someone said, “Hey! What about Morty & Edna’s down at the Journal Plaza, you know, right next to Wet Dogs Brewing and where we had car shows in 2021 for Independence Day and Labor Day. You know, that place!”

And we said, “Oh, yea! And their portions are HUGE!”

So, that about nailed it!

This Monday, August 29, at 8:30 am a gang of us will be meeting up at Morty & Edna’s to “Tie On The Old Feed Bag”, solve the world’s problems and do some honest bench race’n! We’ll be dining outside under the tent next to Wet Dogs Brewing.

(Maybe sometime we should get together at Wet Dogs for some afternoon brewskies, and a Morty & Edna “NOTORIOUS B.L.T” sandwich! (Pete! Ron! Hint! Hint!)

Have a nice weekend. See ya’s! – Scott, Pete, & Ron

PS – Here’s Morty & Edna’s Menu…